Our story

Our story began in a very small and humble way when Pieter Deon started making furniture nearly twenty years ago in a tiny space. By word of mouth the creativity and quality of his furniture found a growing following, until finally it was necessary to employ help. Pieter Deon started teaching Wellington, a gardener at the time, the basics of woodworking and together they worked to supply the gradual increasing demand. Eventually they ran out of space and a larger workshop was needed. More woodworking machines were acquired and soon more help was necessary.  As the workforce grew over the years, the teaching continued. Most new hands had no knowledge of furniture making, coming from a background of painters, builders and farm workers. What initially lacked in experience was made up with enthusiasm and the excitement of learning a new skill. A strong foundation of trust, respect, and teamwork was established right from the start, creating a sense of belonging to something that everybody believed in.  As his personnel grew in numbers and skill, so Pieter Deon refined his intuitive eye for design and increased production capacity without sacrificing timeless quality. They say it takes many years to become an overnight success, and as the team persisted, it grew in expertise and ability. Finally the workshop could not contain the natural progression anymore and recently our team, now ten craftsmen and women, moved to our new, larger factory where we continue to develop our style which is unmistakable Pieter Deon.

Similarly out retail outlet, situated at the entrance into the industrial area of Gansbaai, flourished from modest beginnings.  As the initially sparse floor filled up with the ever expanding range of furniture and home ware, our shop manager Linda was soon joined by Leigh and then later Malizca also joined our dynamic sales team. Over time, as people realized that we have a true desire to inspire and provide our customers with original furniture, beautiful decor and caring service, word of mouth spread.  We revel in the delight of new visitors who walk in to the shop, surprised and dazzled by the creativity and passion.  Helga, Pieter Deon's wife and business partner, is constantly keeping a keen eye on trending style, while selecting unique home ware which is functional and gorgeous.  Patrons soon realize that every time they frequent the shop, there are lots of new products and fresh ideas to discover.  Our purpose is to provide our customers with solutions that will turn their home into an enchanting, comfortable space to live in. Our factory manufactures custom made furniture to fit our customers' needs and specifications and we take notice of their home decor requirements so that we can provide the product desired.  Although we trade in stuff, we are acutely aware that the true exchange is actually found in the honesty, kindness and joy of the interaction.  We want people to feel good about their visit or purchase, even years after the event.